BHO – Relentless Cookies – Indica 1g 74-77% THC


Relentless Cookies is a potent indica strain, the high starts with a euphoric rushing onset that launches your mind into complete happiness that instantly erases any negative or racing thoughts. As this effect builds, you’ll start to become more social and pretty giggly at times, losing yourself to bouts of laughter for no good reason at all.

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BHO = Butane Hash Oil) BHO Shatter is a variety of cannabis concentrate produced by processing plant materials with a solvent. Shatter is typically translucent, with colors ranging from bright, honeyed amber to a darker yellow shade similar to olive oil. It’s one of the many dabbable forms BHO can take. While shatter may seem consistent visually, the physical texture of shatter varies from product to product. Some is extremely brittle, while others have a taffy-esque pull-and-snap consistency. This range of textures provides some clues as to each product’s cannabinoid profile.


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